Villa Sofia Mykonos

Architectural Design, Layout, Interiors, Landscape, Lighting Design, FF&E

Head Designers: Nikos Adrianopoulos, Charis Sgouridou

An existing concrete structure in a great location to be transformed into a unique exclusive villa. Greek architecture, traditional Mykonian techniques and a touch of elegance were the guidelines.

It is a large-scale project, consisting of a number of bedrooms and luxurious facilities, such as hammam, massage room, bbq area, gym.

The nautilus-shaped main staircase placed in the center of the volume is the trademark of the whole architectural design. Natural light entering through the roof on top of the staircase emphasizes the shape of the structure and works as a reference point among the three levels of the villa. The 45 degrees angled wooden deck unifies the multiple levels of the external space offering a smooth flow among all functions.

Lighting design adapts to the different needs of the villa, focusing on creating a relaxed atmosphere.  A number of night-time lighting scenarios provide the correct amount and quality of light suitable for each mood.

Photography: George Fakaros

Year: 2016
Location: Mykonos