Cave Suites Milos

Architectural Elaboration, Layout, Interiors, Landscape, Lighting Design


Head Designers: Nikos Adrianopoulos, Charis Sgouridou, Natasa Karampela


Intervention on an already existing construction site.

The whole volume was placed underneath the ground, while the façade was kept unobstructed and open to the Aegean Sea.


The concept was to form six autonomous private rooms that would offer a luxurious accommodation combined with comfort. The layout of each room provides a functional interpretation of all uses and consists of a separate pool area that has an amazing view to the Sea – ideal for enjoying moments of relaxation.

Its cool gray stone walls are made out of Milos Island local stone. The technique of process and placement of stones is quite different from the usual one, forming Cave Suites’ identity and offering a unique aftertouch.


Photography: Fotis Serfas

Year: 2020
Location: Milos Island