Concept Design, Interiors, Lighting Design, Construction

Creating a unique space, with its own identity, not following the trends of our time, was the main goal in the procedure of creating “ENSAYAR”, in Athens- Greece.

Thousands of ropes hanging from the ceiling and the reflection of light among them is the first impression upon entering the space. This space, aside from the first impression it creates, was designed in order to become an ideal background for the merchandise that are presented in a rather unusual way.

The staircase connects the two levels that make going downstairs seem like a natural next step. Additionally, the way the light touches the surfaces, creates a smooth structure and transforms the staircase into a sculpture-like form.

The lighting study aimed at emphasizing the impressive roof on the one hand and the solid function of space, where necessary, on the other. The use of special lamps gave new options for both implementation and end-result. For instance, the lighting that is found on the surface of the stands accurately reaches the limit of the perimeter, while a special lens can “net” the height of the horizontal surface, thus highlighting it.

All furniture and objects are specifically designed for this project and are not “stuck” on walls but portable. This provides the option to transform the space in no time and attribute another meaning to in-store merchandising.

The left wall from the basement and through all its height consists of hand-made concrete panels in 250 x 120, each panel having different thickness, in order to visually stimulate the visitor. The materials were selected on the basis of timelessness and absence of maintenance requirements.

The use of the backyard as a garden helped in creating a relaxing point in a noisy part of the city, and the trick of integrating the -1 level with it, brings in natural light and fresh air.

The combination of forms and shapes, materials, textures, colors and lighting design can be viewed in the following photos.

Year: 2010
Location: Attiki
Photos: Marios Theologis