Bioclimatic Residence

Architectural Design, Construction, Interiors, Landscape, Lighting Design, Styling

Creation of a family bioclimatic permanent residence on the coast of Eastern Athens.

Plaster in earthy tones and natural stone, put in an unconventional way, are used in order to achieve its smooth integration to the surrounding environment. Even though every single material has its own significant character, they altogether contribute to a unique, interesting complex. The final result reflects the natural beauty of materials combined in a symmetrical and harmonious way.

All materials are natural and do not require maintenance, despite being exposed to the sea winds.

As the building is located in an open area, natural light is dominant in all spaces. Thus, it was intended to design a system that would make the most of it. Aluminum electrical blinds and deciduous trees are used in order to control the sunlight coming through, contributing to a smooth transition from the outdoor environment.

Regarding the building’s sustainability, an air geothermal system was established – for the first time in Greece as a matter of fact. Its function is based on the constant delivery of fresh atmospheric filtered air – created from the earth’s temperature with impressive results- all day and all year long. The air is directed to the outside environment through the roof of the stairwell, which functions as a chimney.

Τhe choices concerning indoor design are also made in balance with the natural environment. Unique ethnic items, most of them made of natural materials, offer a unique atmosphere indoors, while doing away with items that are used just for the sake of decoration.


Photography: Thodoris Tempos

Year: 2007
Location: Attica East Coast