Equinox Mykonos

Architectural Design, Layout, Interiors, FF&E, Lighting Design

Head Designers : Nikos Adrianopoulos, Charis Sgouridou

Participation : Natasa Karampela, Marianna Kofaki, Katerina Golia

Photos : Fotis Serfas

Equinox is shaped by a blend of traditioal – modern Cycladic architecture with a hint of bohemianism, enriched by natural materiality & inspired by contemporary sunmmer living.

A cave villa, a single  level space, where the limits of seperation between the interior and exterior are nearly invisible.

The sequence of natural light scenarios, created using carefully designed gaps and solar chimneys tom specific points,  adds a vivid dramatic dimension while it fills with energy all the living spaces.

Year: 2023
Location: Mykonos