Pantheon Estate, Mykonos

Architectural Design, Layout, Interiors, Lighting Design, Landscape, Product Design,  Project Management

Head Designers: Nikos Adrianopoulos, Charis Sgouridou, Irene Katarelou

Participation: Ilektra Pouraki

A renovation that became reinvention of the concept and layout of the villa.

Placed on the cliff, offering a breathtaking view to the sunset, the old city harbor and the Aegean Sea, this residence deserved the appropriate integration within the Mykonian landscape and vibe.

Starting with a series of major technical upgrades and aesthetic improvements, the fundamental design process focuses on the unification of internal and external spaces and the smooth circulation of all functions. A fresh approach towards high-end engineering applications along with the exclusive fabrication of prototype elements shape the villa’s unique identity.

Harmony has been our initial goal, accomplished by the creation of an inviting context that stimulates all senses, enriching the luxury living experience.

Photography: Fotis Serfas

Year: 2020
Location: Mykonos