Kanelli Showroom

Concept Design, Layout, Façade and Lighting Design

The concept is: pure simplicity. The open-space, with its 6m high decayed wall surfaces, accommodates the products displayed on double-faced stands, like in a gallery. The wooden products have a variety of textures, depths and colors therefore the proper lighting design is crucial for this project.

The metal spacers, perforated elements – light partitions enhance the transparency of the area, organizing the navigation network. The visitor can wander among all the exhibits of the three separate areas by simply following the “flow” that the metal dividers define. At the same time, the metal stands create the holders for the products that allow the exhibits to be updated and replaced without any special care.

The impressive result is accomplished using just bare led bulbs that constitute the primary source of artificial light. They are positioned on specific points on the wooden beams of the roof while the luminous intensity and the beam angle of each bare led bulb is selected according to the function of the showroom.

On the walls, a T-shaped metal stripe directs light downwards to the displays, and upwards highlighting the texture of the walls. The light source isn’t the focal point, as it is hidden behind the stripe, distributing light only to the desirable surface. The discreet ground recessed light fixtures are used in order to indicate passages from one space to the other. The black perforated metal stands act as a semi-transparent filter, to block the glare from the outdoor lights of the busy road. The layout and the angle of the stands are designed, in order to balance the light coming through during daytime.

The lights illuminate only the surfaces that need to be lighted: working spaces and displays. The main challenge was to create a balanced, imposing, theatrical contrast between the vividly lighted new displays and the atmospherically lighted decayed high walls and roof. Special mention was given to the sustainability of this project, the low consumption of light for ease of maintenance, and the low cost of the whole installation.

Photography: Fotis Serfas, Marios Theologis

Year: 2013
Location: Pireaus