Imanoglou Jewelry

Concept Design, Lighting Design


The design process focuses on the creation of an extraordinary concept jewellery store. The space was quite limited in sq.m, with a narrow façade on the street, so the challenge here was to design a smart and functional store.


The window displays captivate people’s look, triggering them to enter. The entrance was deliberately placed in the covered passageway offering a private access to the store.

The bright ceiling, consisting of hundreds of hanging papers, creates an imposing effect and the illusion of a higher and more spacious interior.

Cleaf’s melamine-faced dark wood panels, along with the distinctive colour of the walls create a luxurious atmosphere. The curved furniture is made of acrylic polymer, and has inlaid leather mats on the top surface, which protect the jewellery during the sampling process. The showcases provide functionality, save space but primarily security.


Photography: George Fakaros

Year: 2019
Location: Athens