Hugo Boss – Showroom

Concept Design, Lighting Design, Construction

Transformation of an abandoned basement of an old building (1940) in Athens city center into a showroom.

The walls and the ceiling keep not only their natural texture, but even the appearance they have gained throughout the years. The showroom’s floor plans that are used as a pattern for the epoxy floor, transform into lines when they meet vertical surfaces, therefore creating an optical sequence.

Long beams with light fixtures are attached to the ceiling, running the entire length of the different rooms. The orange tone of the hidden lights is a direct allusion to the Hugo Boss Orange collection.

The design concept implies a dialogue between the basement’s original and new form. It is a refreshed approach that respects and leverages the building’s infrastructure, in order to evoke the desired mood and create an industrial chic background for the merchandise.

Year: 2007
Location: Athens