Hotel Mykonos

Architectural Design, Concept Design, Layout, Interiors, Lighting Design

A challenge: to keep the old hotel structure, on the one hand, and create a total new look, on the other. Fresh and stylish areas for the different hotel facilities as well as visual contact and interaction between guests and visitors were the main pillars of the project.

The main goal was to ensure the intense presence of the water element, which was accomplished using different depths, all starting from the existing pool, with overflowing water and shallow water areas. A graphic pattern, placed at the bottom of the pool, flows and unites the different levels, creating an optical sequence.

The basic deck level serves as the pool lounge area, equipped with sunbeds and daybeds, that can be removed and provide a large space suitable for events. The bar is the interaction point between the hotel residents and beach visitors.

The restaurant, having a separate entrance, is able to operate independently from the hotel. The impressive ceiling is made of hundreds hanging ropes that arouse an airy feeling. The sun movement creates different lighting scenarios through the ceiling’s small holes, which are specifically designed for that use. During nighttime, the lighting study is adapted to this individual ceiling, aiming to create alternation between the light and dark spots that will enhance the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Next to the restaurant, the open workout space is located facing towards the sea. The hanging ropes in between act as a semi-transparent divider that filters visual contact. At the ceiling, the woven bamboo canes balance the light coming through and transform the Yoga and Pilates courses into a Zen experience.

Year: 2016
Location: Platis Gialos