5226 by Celia Kritharioti

Concept Design, Lighting Design

Creation of a space that will function as the ideal background for highlighting the creative fashion designer’s works.

The same colour has been applied to the vertical surfaces – the ceiling and the floor – creating a monochromatic uniform background, which intensifies the colours and textures of the products.

The only difference that can be detected is between the textures of the different materials, as the smooth floor contradicts the rough walls.

The mirror that covers the whole wall, from floor to ceiling, maximizes the space, while the velvety curtains create a sense of luxury. Leather pulls have been designed and positioned on the walls, with special attention to detail, in order to display the kids’ collection.

Artificial light comes from the ceiling which is double in thickness, while artistically hiding the light source. The luminous strip runs the vertical surfaces through their entire length, this way creating a special structure for the display of the clothes.

Year: 2014
Location: Attiki
Photos: George Fakaros