Ravago Group Greece

Athens · 2018

Villa Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Mykonos · 2017

Villa Mykonos

Mykonos · 2016

Kanelli Showroom

Pireaus · 2013

Villa Agios Sostis Mykonos

Mykonos · 2018

Hotel Mykonos

Platis Gialos · 2016

Bioclimatic Residence

Attica East Coast · 2007


Attiki · 2010

Philos Athens

Athens · 2015
About Us

Design of spaces which are defined by exceptional functionality and unique character. Actualization at the lowest possible cost, derived not only from experience in using materials, but also from knowledge of how to exploit lighting effectively.
For us, light (natural or artificial) plays a leading role in each project, while at the same time it constitutes the fundamental ingredient of the spatial experience. In processes such as defining the use of a space and directing emotions, manipulation of lighting is the most inexpensive means.The interplay between measures of volume, materials and textures is a prerequisite for an interesting finished result.
The sequencing of the above elements in each project, and our constant endeavor to turn the disadvantages of a space into advantages, make us truly passionate about what we do.


We combine experience, appetite for creation, and solid knowledge of design, as developed through completion of projects of different scale and character. Our projects include, among others, private residencies, office spaces, hotels, professional workplaces and showrooms.
Each of our works is unique and has its own identity that reflects both the idiosyncrasies and the needs of the client. Functionality is not sacrificed in the wake of aesthetics rather, it becomes a value and a criterion according to which design-related decisions are taken, always with the aim of improving the user’s way of life and satisfying his special needs.
The word that characterizes our works is harmony. There is always balance in the relations of volumes, we use simple lines but distinctive forms, while we simultaneously place emphasis on the construction details.
The knowledge in the use of materials of high quality and durability, functions as guarantee of aesthetics and space functionality, thus giving the work both duration and endurance through time.

The interchange between light and darkness and their mixture in the optimal proportion constitutes the basis of the creation of the so called “lighting design”.
Architectural design is emphasized through the lighting design. Our office places emphasis on the lighting design, as it considers it to be the most interesting component of a project: light showcases the colours, the surfaces, the textures and it strengthens the special character of the design.
Having implemented a multitude of special lighting applications in our projects, and having an in-depth knowledge of the relation between architecture and design, we conduct lighting designs both for the projects of architects and for individuals who prefer to appoint an independent researcher who is not affiliated with a specific lighting supply company.
The technical expertise, the use of natural light, the knowledge on light fixtures, as well as the continuous research on the new technological advances in the field of lighting, constitute only some of our competitive advantages.
Nikos Adrianopoulos has been registered as a professional member of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) since 2004.

Our office undertakes projects, from the initial idea to completion and delivery, ensuring smooth flow in the transition from the one stage of construction to the other, as well as close adherence to the initial architectural concept that has been agreed with the client.
We offer project management services, ensuring collaboration with specialized and experienced mechanical engineers and subcontractors , co-ordinating them and monitoring the construction quality and the timeframe throughout the whole process, always within the agreed timeline.
Our lengthy experience in construction – on projects of special requirements, the knowledge and the continuous research on the field of materials, enables us not only to solve each problem directly and in the most appropriate way, but also to make fast and efficient adjustments to a potential change of plans.

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